Lucy Bloomfield

Lucy is a UI/UX designer that got sick of doing the usual 9-5 in agencies and decided to go out on her own. Over the last year and a half, she’s set up a one (wo)man agency that handles a variety of different projects – anything from writing programming courses for London-based QA to leading the re-brand and re-structure of Boston-based startup, Security Innovation. Oh… and she’s only 22!

Currently Lucy is the lead designer on a team within Security Innovation for an application security product called TEAM Mentor. This product allows her the freedom and privilege of getting to try her hand at basically everything she could ever want – from iconography, digital strategy and programming to design, information architecture, user testing and product management.

She has a lot of experience designing in browser specifically, with a focus on mobile first. Much of her process revolves around coding and because of that, she’s had a lot to do with the way her designs are created, which is something many designers aren’t able to do.

You can follow Lucy on Twitter.


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