WordPress On The Command Line With WP-CLI

Jamie Madden

Jamie Madden

Being able to build and maintain WordPress installations from the command line has many advantages. You can automate the setup and installation of a base site template including all your settings, plugins and users preconfigured and ready to go.

WP-CLI provides a command line interface to your WordPress site for the install, update of plugins, import and modification of data and more, all without the need of a web browser.

Jamie’s talk will go through the basics of WP-CLI along with a demo of some of the available commands. I will share a script I use to quickly build a development environment for plugin and theme development.

  • The talk will start with what WP-CLI is.
  • Advantages of using the command line.
  • Basic Commands.
  • Demo: Install core and base plugins.
  • Demo: Import demo content.
  • Advanced commands.
  • Demo: Creating a script to automate the previous.

Jamie has spent over 15 years as a systems administrator and developer. He is interested in all areas of technology both on and offline. Jamie has always aimed to automate his environments wherever possible. Starting in the early days with shell scripts and moving through to tools like Chef.

Jamie has been a WordPress user and developer since the early days of version 1.5. He has utilised WordPress for all levels of products including basic websites, blogs, e-commerce, auctions, helpdesk systems and more. He is the lead developer of WC Vendors a free Multi Vendor WooCommerce plugin.

Outside of the IT world Jamie enjoys a variety of music and photography and tries to combine the two whenever possible.

You can follow Jamie on Twitter.