Why Isn’t My Beautiful Website Enough?

Jo Grey

Jo Grey

3 tips to help web designers get the right content from clients. Some easy-to-use sites designers can refer their clients to, such as building infographics, images for their blogs, and topic ideas.

Jo will cover some of the following topics during her presentation:

  • Why a pretty website isn’t enough.
  • Providing content slows the web designer down.
  • Content generating ideas.
  • Content moving with the times – not static.
  • Clients start off strong, then fade when novelty of being a blogger fades.
  • Strategies and tips to help clients manage their content
  • Ways web designers can help get the right content the first time.
  • Repurposing existing content.
  • Engagement.
  • Personality in content.
  • Stories matter.

Jo Grey has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. She is the director of a new corporate communications agency in Brisbane: Cornerstone Communications. Jo and her team know that every brand has a story, and their job is to help you (or your clients) build a content strategy to tell that story.

Content can be words, great infographics, videos, a blog, a digital magazine or ebook, or a short social media post. Whatever fits with your (or your clients’ business) is what the team of hand-picked experts at Cornerstone Communications can do.

Previously, Jo has managed the marketing, communications and media for a range of companies, including state government and tertiary education. In her spare time, Jo studies for her PhD in communications using video-conferencing, walks the dog and eats copious amounts of chocolate.