Keynote: Recurring Revenue is the Holy Grail

Troy Dean

Troy Dean

Troy will talk about why recurring revenue is the holy grail and how you can create recurring revenue in your WordPress business. During the talk Troy will teach you how to package up your recurring revenue offer, how to pitch it to clients and how to build infrastructure to automate most of the work.

Troy will walk you through a simple framework to help you build recurring revenue into your business so you can stop trading time for money.

Most WordPress-based businesses already have plenty of opportunities to create recurring revenue. During this presentation you will learn how to identify your recurring customers, how to package what they are already buying into a recurring revenue model and why recurring revenue really is the holy grail for you and your clients.

Troy Dean is co-founder of Video User Manuals and WP Elevation.

His past clients include QuickBooks, IBM, F1 Grand Prix, The Ashes, Westpac and Jessica Watson.
He is also host of the WP Elevation podcast which consistently ranks in the top 3 in iTunes for his category.
In his spare time he is a rock god in several bands.

You can follow Troy on Twitter.