How To Get A Page Speed Score In The 90s


Peter Wilson

Peter will be teaching you how to get a page speed score in the 90s!

There’s no doubt about it, performance is becoming a more important part of day-to-day web development. Why?

Users hate waiting.

Users hate waiting at their desktop, they hate waiting on 3G. Users hate waiting for Open Sans when Arial is adequate. If users hate it, Google hates it; performance has become an important metric in PageRank; they’ve introduced a new tool – PageSpeed – to measure it.

Spend a few minutes learning how to increase the PageSpeed score of your WordPress powered site. Find out some of the rules you have to follow, and some of the rules you have to break to get there.

Peter Wilson has been a front end developer for almost two decades. After spending his early career working with tables and spacer gifs, Peter developed a love for CSS.

Peter has provided coding and web management services for a for some of the country’s largest and smallest businesses.

He currently spends his days working on enterprise grade contract management software.

You can follow him on Twitter.