Speaker: Ryan McCue – The WordPress REST API

Ryan McCue

Ryan McCue

We have our final speaker announcement for WordCamp Brisbane (apart from a panel that we have to announce too 🙂 )! Ryan McCue will be talking about The WordPress REST API. The WordPress REST API is a simple but powerful way to interact with WordPress. There is also a 2.0 Beta available of the project on Github which is being actively maintained and updated as the project works it’s way into WordPress core. Ryan started this project as a WordPress Google Summer of Code project and it has been growing in leaps and bounds since that project started.

This project will affect everyone who works with WordPress! The WordPress REST API will change the way use WordPress as it’s not only able to expose WordPress content, meta, users and media in JSON. You can easily extend the API to expose content and settings from custom post types and plugins that you have developed. Not only can you view the data but you can perform any CRUD activities provided you’re authenticated via the API’s endpoints.

This means that you can use mobile, desktop and web applications that you create in any programming language or framework and update your WordPress data without having to login to WordPress.  This will really make it a lot easier to use “WordPress as an application framework”. Ryan’s talk will cover the project goals and will make you excited about the future of WordPress!

Ryan was only 14 when he committed his first WordPress patch but he’s been contributing to open source software since he was 11 or 12. He’s also maintained SimplePie which is an RSS and Atom reader this is used in WordPress core. He’s now a Senior Engineer at Human Made and is one of the lead developers of the WP REST API project.

You can follow him on Twitter.