Speaker: Wil Brown – Plugin Development 101

Wil Brown

Wil Brown

Are you a master of themes? Are you ready to take the leap and start making your very first WordPress plugin? Well Wil Brown has the perfect talk for you. Wil will be teaching you how to code up your first custom WordPress plugin and he’ll even be teaching you how to get it on WordPress.org!

Wil’s talk will cover the following:

  • Basic structure (files) required for plugin.
  • Functions required to initialise, activate, deactivate and uninstall.
  • Coding a simple shortcode plugin. Basic shortcode, then one with content, then one with inputs.
  • Explaining filters and action hooks – some commonly used ones.
  • Where to go to find out more (codex).
  • Examples of things you can do with plugins to extend WordPress.
  • How to get your plugin into the WordPress.org reposititory (covering GPL and subversion).

Wil is a professional web developer with a passion for leading edge technologies, security and server architecture. He spoke at WordCamp Sydney 2012, co-organizes the WordPress Sydney meetup, was lead organiser for WordCamp Sydney 2014 and contributes to the WordPress Core development. He likes pizza, sausages, chilies, beer, red wine and hyperdimensional physics.

You can follow Wil on Twitter.

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