Introducing ‘Wapuunder’: The Official WordCamp Brisbane Wapuu!

For those of you who are new to WordCamps, you might not be aware that the Japanese WordCampers have a tradition of creating a mascot for each of their WordCamp’s which is affectionately called `Wapuu`. Recently other countries have started embracing Wapuu as well. WordCamp London did a version called `Wapuunk` and he’s even made onto a shirt in the official WordPress merch store. Wapuu even has a fan club.

Kristen Symonds, (aka Kristarella) the co-organiser of the WPSydney meetup group, co-organiser WordCamp Sydney 2014 and WordPress fanatic, found some time in-between crocheting, knitting, being crafty, tweeting and playing guitar to create our very own version of Wapuu! 😀 The Australian community voted and decided to name him `Wapuunder` (props to Peter Wilson too for coming up with the naming suggestion).

Wapuunder (pronounced wap-under) embraces a few things from “down under”. He’s got an Akubra hat with corks hanging off it to keep the flies at bay, green and gold colours which Australian sporting teams love to use and also a pouch just like Australian marsupials are famous for!

So without futher ado here’s Wapuunder!


Thanks again Kristen for creating him 🙂 You can also grab a pdf version of Wapuunder too!

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