Speaker: Dee Teal – How to Freelance like a BOSS

Dee Teal

Dee Teal

Freelancing, on the face of it is an exciting idea. Being your own boss, being the manager of your own time, working from home and basically working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding.

It can also, however be terrifying. Instead of just being a writer, or a designer, or a developer you now also have to be a bookkeeper, accountant and all round office dogsbody/tea-maker.

In attending this talk, audience members who are already freelancing will be able to check off whether they’re making the most of their time and resources, beginners will learn how to set themselves up for success.

Dee’s talk will cover the following:

1. Managing your Environment

  • Home Office
  • Co-Working
  • Ergonomic Workspace

2. Managing your Accounts

  • Bookkeeping Software
  • Keeping Receipts
  • Managing Cashflow

3. Managing your Relationships

  • Staying Connected
  • Meetups and Industry Associations

4. Managing your Tax obligations

  • When to hire a bookkeeper
  • Setting aside money for income tax
  • Registering for GST

5. Working to your Strengths

  • Staffing your weaknesses

Learn how to Freelance like a BOSS